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Transportes LGA
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We provide you with high quality chassis.

At Tierra Santa Enterprises our Chassis have been designed to provide high performance. We ensure that each chassis exceeds quality standards, both industry and official regulations.

Our focus is on the cutting edge, and the performance of our chassis. Each one of them receives optimal maintenance and we take advantage of advances in technology to keep them in superior conditions.

Our commitment is to provide an experience to users that provides results for their businesses.

We are ready to satisfy your needs.

At Tierra Santa Enterprises, we have more than 20 years of experience in Chassis leasing services, both in Mexico and the United States.

Our chassis fleet is strategically located in the main points required by the industry of both nations.

We have flexible leasing options for our users, and we can provide short and long-term contracts, supplying our logistics chain according to the specific needs of your company.

Our chassis solutions provide a great user experience due to the following benefits:

  • A high focus on security and performance.

  • Flexibility and customized leasing options.

  • The highest quality standards in the industry.

Our Leasing Options.

Managed Fleets.

We have available leasing options that provide an innovative solution, which maximizes your efficiency and improves the speed of operations.

Long Term Leasing.

We offer leasing options for fixed periods of time, and we provide continuous maintance on leased fleet

Daily Rental.

We provide you with the option of renting chassis for specific days; We have chassis strategically located in Mexico and the United States.

Your chassis partner of choice.